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Here's Where Businesses Want to Be in 2016

The experts are weighing in on which U.S. cities will likely be most attractive to business in the coming year. They look at measures like job growth, construction, and major industries, as well as favorable tax laws and other incentives that can create a business-friendly climate. Here’s a look at the cities that are expected to show the strongest growth in 2016.


Should You Use Your Friend as Your Realtor?

Commercial real estate can be an intimidating environment, particularly for new investors. Fast moving, competitive, and fraught with risk, the market may seem inaccessible without an experienced ally. Commercial deals can be very complex and opportunities can surface and disappear in a wink. That’s why choosing an agent is a critical early step. That contact opens the door and helps investors to navigate.


Avoid Stress While You Find Office Space in the City

The office market is very tight in metropolitan areas, thanks in part to the dominance of the millennial generation in the workforce. These workers are partial to working in urban centers, close to city amenities like dining, culture, and entertainment. The demand for space is driving up rents and driving down vacancies, and while construction is very active in many cities, inventory is generally not meeting demand.