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Commercial Real Estate in Reno

Business is bustling in Reno, an entertainment hub that draws tourists from all over the world. The birthplace of Harrah’s casinos has, in recent years, become a trendy spot for up-and-coming businesses. Tesla built a plant in Reno, and some Silicon Valley businesses have moved to town to get away from the higher expenses in California. In fact, an influx of people from the neighboring state have also come to Reno in search of better housing and jobs, making the area flush for employers who need help.

That fast growth remains the story in Reno commercial real estate for now. The city has built several large projects, including The Summitt. While tourism remains the area’s largest industry, the opening of several data centers has also provided more jobs in tech for the city. And Tesla, with what it claims is the world’s largest building, gives Reno some bragging rights, as landing the plant was a big deal.

Warehousing and distribution also remain big businesses — Amazon, Zulily and Walmart all have distribution centers in town.

The Benefits of Finding Commercial Property for Sale in Reno

The advantages of doing business in Reno extend well beyond the always-up nightlife, which you can enjoy 24/7. The town has recovered from a beating in the Great Recession, when unemployment was more than double what it is now. Nevada’s lack of state income tax has lured many entrepreneurs and workers away from California. A lower cost of living attracts them to Reno, where the local housing market has really taken off in recent years.

Reno has made modernizing the town and its real estate a priority, and that means many new builds become available for enterprising entrepreneurs. The city wants to shed older buildings for new, so finding fresh opportunities for your business is less of a challenge than it might be in another town.

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Living and working in this city every day gives the Coldwell Banker Commercial agents a deep understanding of the city and its politics, people and real estate. We’ve observed the trends in town during the economic downturn and accompanying revival, and we know which properties represent good investments and which ones you should stay away from.

We can use our knowledge to advise you in your search. You can trust our insights because the Coldwell Banker Commercial team has worked in this region for so long. We can also draw on the insights of more than 3,000 of our colleagues across the globe to get more information about whatever you want to know. We’ll leverage our connections to find you the best deals.

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